Saturday, December 6, 2008

Putting Bad Things in My Body

Last Night...
Aaron and I had wine while watching Trash Television.

Anthony joined us and we did Sake Bombs at Koji's. There were some hot peeps there.

Anthony and I shared a too-sour Tokyo Ice Tea at Dive Bar. There were not so hot peeps there.

I bought Anthony and Aaron a really strong Long Beach from Cinebar. I needed to add Sprite to drink it.

We danced for three songs at The Loft, but it was too straight

We danced for one song at Hunters, but it was too Hot and Bright

We had some Mango flavored hookah

...and then I had a "Hoobastank Burrito" at Denny's with my favorite waitress Rebbecca at 3AM.

And now, I'm awake with heart burn, my lungs hurt and I crave hangover-Pho AND NO ONE'S AROUND!!!

I spent 41 bucks. Nice.. that's how much I usually spend when going out.

Shit, I miss dancing gay with Mony at straight clubs. I miss that attention we got. Does anyone have balls to dance with me at straight clubs?! Anyone?! ...pussies


I want all the Threadless Shirts with Giraffes on them. I already have "The Day the Fire Brigade." I am a Medium ;)



dannie said...

you're brave, or just fun. only been to a straight club once, in HS.

X said...

nooo!! dont do that!!

i like my hotties pure!

even though the pure gay hotties probably don't exist! oh well.