Monday, December 15, 2008

Platonic Cuddling? I Stand Alone.

It's funny.

You made out with ____ and ____ and _____ and ____ at DRAGON!?

Oh.. no big deal.

Or my favorite: "I was so drunk, I don't remember HOW I got these two hickeys on my neck!"


But NO ONE will agree that cuddling can be platonic. I stand alone. Because making out at Dragon is meaningless and holding someone while you sleep is meaningful...


Okay. Now that I'm typing this out maybe my unconventional way of thinking sounds a bit flawed. Is cuddling really "boyfriend territory?" And is it wrong that I don't think it is?


"Chris, you're so affectionate... there's nothing special."
Well I begggg to diffah! Kissing is special. I have yet to makeout with someone just cuz I was dru.... wait.. shit. okay. But I only do that with Straight people.

Maybe I DO have things reversed.


I dunno, if I'm with friends watching a movie, I wouldn't think anything of snuggling up against them. And if we shared a bed... I'm putting my arm around you. (Not dry humping you, not making out with you.. not reaching into your pants. I am giving you an 8 hour horizontal hug)

Maybe because I'm separating being affectionate from being intimate... I dunno.. what do you think? Is there something wrong with a giraffe that likes to nuzzle??

... they have such LONNGG necks.

(This weather has definitely made me Crazy)


dannie said...

i think cuddling can occur without anything meaningful besides having the company of someone keep you warm or just someone to hold while you sleep.

Anonymous said...

it all depends how the cuddling is done and what the history is with that particular person.

letopho said...

how about... big spoon little spoon?