Friday, December 12, 2008

Plan C

I'm a bit behind in blogging. I don't know where my mind has been lately. I think I left it in Vietnam. But, everyone should start their day off with some DEEP FRIED OREOS!

(gosh, there is no shame.. why not call it... Crispy-Os... ? I guess, Americans don't care anymore)

Last Friday... the boys called me up at 7:30 PM

"uhh... so the birthday party we were going to go to... yeah, they're going to a straight club... and yeah.. we didn't want to do that... so WE'RE GOING TO HANG OUT WITH YOU!!!!"

Great, I love to be their plan C... but plan C(hristopher) is always the best plan!

Starting with some Indian Food at Chaat Cafe. Tiki Masala Rolls were a hit with Joe... mmm! We had our fill and our tummies tried very hard to adjust to the foreign spices! Szeto and I wanted to be polite so we forced ourselves to fart before entering Joe's new car!

After watching Xmen3 and recovering, we ended up at Hunter's coincidentally all wearing "FUN=T's!" with cool designs! YAY! Yeah, this was the night I had no game. But apparently Joe did.. heeeeyyyy!!!!! We were blessed to see more downes enter the club toward the end of the night!

When the terrible DJ left, the music got better! Because the mainstream songs weren't being mutliated into some high energy stereotype bull shit. (=X . wow, I'm so mean.) So I danced the night away and I was thrilled that I was only 15 minutes away vs. 1 hour away from home.

And.. then to Denny's ... so I'm quickly gaining my tummy back. Fucking American food. Fucking American Life style in general... sigh. Eat Drink Dance Eat.... eat eat eat... blah. AT least it's good FOOD, yah know wha I sayin'!

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dannie said...

eww fried oreos i feel my arteries clogging up.