Thursday, December 25, 2008


MoNeil's Taco Night was FUN!

The Boys exchanged gifts!

I got Joe an Asian buckwheat pillow, Mony a cute lion stuffed animal and Szeto got Paul Frank socks with lightning bolts. I tried REALLY hard to pay attention.. because if you hang out with your friends enough you hear them say, "OOOO THAT'S COOL! I WANT THAT!" etc etc.

Szeto got me a Ben Sherman Jacket!!!!! He remembered I like that brand! (but own nothing from there)
Joe got us Tickets to iFLY! - Indoor Sky Diving. HOLY SHIT! I CANT FUCKING WAIT!.

BTW, Neil is a DIVA


ANH and her FACE!

It's Mony's Christmas, house warming, good bye party

I know, we're confused too.


Luuworld said...

cute friends!

mich said...

so... i'm sure they tasted great, but that taco meat picture in the beginning looked kinda ew.

dannie said...

what happened to the oven lol