Monday, December 8, 2008

Boys on the Brain

I Am a Cruiser
I was on the Berkeley Campus and OMG I was checking out everything that was moving.

I was giddy because I saw both my Middle School Crush AND my College Crush. I gave both a nice invasive hug. No, there was no hip thrust... not like this particular guy at Hunter's COUGH COUGH.

I was terrible. Every time a cute boy walked through the door, I giggled at myself for successfully catching eye contact... and ALMOST winking. On Durant, JV pointed out a cute guy, and I turned my head to stare. I almost ran into these two chicks walking the opposite direction. In fact, if I kept walking, I would have face planted into their boobs because I was sort of crouched and they were sort of tall. (How horrifying.)


Yeah I'm embarrassing to be around.

It's in his Smell... That's Where it is... UH HUH!

Do I miss James


Do I miss being drenched with love and affection when I was his secret little boyfriend from Midnight to 3am?

I know the one thing that blew me out of my seat was when he said this, "Chris, I love the way you smell."

Are you shitting me?

Cuz, if you haven't noticed, I smell like old cheese, dry benzoyl peroxide and salty obnoxiousness. But I like that... smell is important. If you don't like the way your man smells then... SHOOT, why are you licking him?!

I don't like cologne. It's fake. I prefer the smell of man. Musk, natural, delicious. Identifiable as a person, not a brand. I don't want to be able to label his smell, his pheromones- "CK, Abercrombie, Guess.. Tommy... blah blah." That's all junk to me.

What are you covering up?! You can argue that the cologne is mixed with your natural smell so that it's always going to be 'unique,' but pshh... I like my smells raw, not seasoned.


No Game
There was this cute boy at Hunter's and my boys were trying to get me to talk to him. "He looks SO BORED CHRIS!! He's dying for you to talk to him!" But I was feeling oddly shy. UGH. It took me all night to get in good with his Hags (or Fruit Flies). "I LOVE your earrings!" That comment alone got me in. I got his background story-

-From Monterey

I tried to talk to him, but he became really popular. Everyone in the club could smell his "new blood" and everyone was introducing themselves to him. But I lost interest... 21? Shy? Monterey? Sounds like a boy to me.

Even though it didn't matter, my boys and I were upset at me for not trying... what an EPIC fail. But in other news, my tall sexy friend from Fremont came and I danced with him very sensually. He almost became the 3rd guy to get me completely excited on the dance floor.

Ask me who the other two are... haha.


dannie said...

lol its as if you are in hottie heaven.
RYC: no it can't be you! you were not white, nor old. But i did see a guy who looked like a baby version of you.

letopho said...

Richmond Yacht Club?
Rowan Classic Yarns?

ohh.. Regarding Your Comment.


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