Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Abuse Public Transportation

I ALWAYS pay for my light rail ticket.

Unlike the BART, the South Bay VTA Light rail is based on an honor system. You buy a ticket and then you hop on and sometimes someone checks you, but more than likely there is no one there. People NEVER get caught... or at least I thought.

I take the light rail to the law firm, the place I've been killing time at, and I thought to myself: why not save a quarter and buy a youth ticket each time? Plus I'm Asian and I could probably pull off "YOUTH" 5-17 since I've been mistaken for a Freshman in HIGH SCHOOL before.

Today... no such luck. I should have gotten off when I saw the fare checker get on, but I guess I wanted to test my theory. I wanted to see how much of the "holiday" spirit he was in. I wanted to see if the people who work for public transportation were lazy. I wanted to see if I could pass as YOUTH.

Nope.. this guy seemed to have INVENTED the fare-checking position. "You don't LOOK like youth" he began to lecture me and take my name down. I didn't feel like lying or fighting or negotiating, "I just wanted to save a quarter."

I got a "warning," but not really a warning. I was actually put on the Light Rail SHIT LIST. He showed me this document which probably had a 1000 names in which a "warning" was no longer an option for them and that my fine would have probably be $900 the next time I try to "save a quarter." My info was taken down and basically, I was humiliated as he kept talking about morals and made me buy an adult ticket... this and that.

That's just fine. I'm already on Santa Clara's reckless driving list, just add me to the public transportation abusers list as well.

What's next? Should I refuse to turn in my library book on time?! *GASP!* I'm such a rebel. And nguy hiểm is my middle name.


Alex C. said...

You are such a badass!


anhimals said...

"nguy hiem" is your middle name...that line made me laugh. LOL



you're just a regular maverick aren't you? that was such a mavericky thing of you to do. lol, sorry i couldn't help using that Palin catchphrase.

dannie said...

my goodness chris!! i thought i was a rebel.

Luuworld said...

rebel! nguy hiểm, that's right! hết thuốc chữa! :-D