Saturday, December 27, 2008

Haircut for the Holidays

I got a recommendation for a hair salon via email from one of my blog readers!

Why not? Though the place was a ridiculous 30 bucks, I felt like I needed to pamper myself. The place was called Mitri's near Valley Fair and I must say, I feel pretty cute with a nice styled cut.

Mark and Tony are two Vietnamese guys that have great reviews on yelp. Particularly for men and Asians. OMG, I'm Both!

I sat in the chair and said, "make me look nice." He looked at my face and went to work without hesitation after a nice shampoo and massage with his man hands! mmmmm. This, my friends, was a professional. I love getting my hair cut with thinning sheers and a razor blade. I hate clippers. And Tony knew it without having to ask.

30 bucks is a bit much for a haircut... I'd probably return every.. other month? LOL. I guess you get what you pay for.