Monday, December 1, 2008

... do you know me?

My cousin vented to me about a lot of things...
"I guess I just feel lonely"

And she began to cry.



Damien thinks it's interesting how I can psychoanalyze myself.
I think it's interesting how I know the solutions to my problems, but have yet to do something about it...


There was this guy with a hot tattoo on his back. It really turned me on because he has a baby face and you wouldn't think he would have something so dangerous!


I went to a discussion group and we talked about communication. "One of the scenarios was: I was leaving the bathroom at a gay club and this drunk guy pushed me up against the wall and said he wanted to mess around." What would you do?

Everyone looked at me because I was laughing. I was forced to explain myself, "Um.. well, I would reward him with a kiss because I think it's hot that he was so aggressive."

Apparently that was the wrong answer.... "isn't it like rape? they way he push the guy against the wall."

I fumbled to defend myself, "Oh.. welll, you know it makes me think because I've never been in a situation like that it's really hard to tell." Psh... even though I was stating what everyone else in the room was thinking.


I pissed off my dad because I didn't believe him when he told me about the San Mateo murder. He sent me a link and I apologized for being an asshole son VIA Email! Gmail makes things easier!


Damien said that I expose too much of myself on my blog. That I wear my emotions and thoughts on my sleeve for the world to see... And that by reading it, it makes him feel like he knows me through my blog and not as a friend. do you know me as a friend? or do you know me... through my blog??


Luuworld said...

"I went to a discussion group and we talked about communication."

haha, that's so american! that discussion group, therapy- thing. you guys are obsessed with talking. and i'm not dissing you- i think it's cool.

ps, so what if you're being personal on your blog. it's cool, and brave. and that's a good thing.

Bryan said...

Well I'd have to say that I do know you from your blog, because the "reward him with a kiss" part is so you.

And I really like how you can write about your personal experiences so openly and honestly -- almost effortless -- Luuworld says it right: it's cool and brave and a gooood thing.

dannie said...

i know you more through your blog. we don't really talk online =P i would think it would be hot too if someone pushed me against a wall. lol