Monday, December 22, 2008

Decorate Your Home

Last night my friends and I drove around a neighborhood elaborately decorated in Christmas lights.

It was wet, cold and dark... but despite all of that I felt wonderful. What an amazing tradition. I began to understand WHY people decorate their houses homes. It's to remind ourselves that even when things aren't perfect there are still a lot of things in our lives that we have that needs to be appreciated.

I just came back from an amazing Ski trip with my High school friends. This is our 6th year celebrating Christmas together. Despite our busy lives, our different interests we come together and manage to really remind ourselves that we define family.


ctrlz said...

family :) get to go back home tomorrow. excited.

seems like you've been following my blog :P can't say i'm an official follower of yours but everytime i come across it again i spend whole minutes on it :P which i guess is a lot for blogs these days? :P

thwany said...

that's awesome.

true friendships evolve with life. your life isn't the same as it was years ago, so people shouldn't expect friendships to stay the same as well. it takes work and dedication, and i'm always happy to see stories like this.

my friends and i used to do annual ski trips and whatnot, but now we're all just w/e about it.

Joshua said...

Ugh I love the bay area!! I wish I lived there :(

It's gonna rain in Irvine today and tomorrow (on Christmas!!!)! And I would kill to go skiing/snowboarding, haven't gone in two years or so :(