Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blinktwice4y at Dragon

God, I was so desperate for a ride last night because Mario Kart Love Song Guy, AKA, Sam/Blinktwice4y was performing for his first time in front of a large audience at DRAGON!
Used my Vietnamese/Gay magic and got some rides worked out!

Sam was so good, so cute.. so straight and bounced immediately after. :) But at least I got a photo with this youtube celebrity.

I spent the rest of the night whoring out my glasses... also whoring out myself as I danced with some old and new faces. How fun.

Poor Carl, his car was victim of a publicity blitz.


I am good at mortifying people...

Friend 1 was driving up from Fremont by himself. Friend 2 needed a ride back to Fremont after Dragon. I told Friend 1 that I had a surprise for him because Friend 2 went to his High school.

Friend 2 was drunk, Friend 1 was unhappy and awkward because they haven't spoken in years.

Friend 2 walked in a circle so that he wouldn't throw up in Friend 1's car. I bounced before cleaning my mess.

Dang. I'm terrible

Thoughts on Dating
I've been having a lot of interesting conversations with the boys about dating. What does it even MEAN to be dating? Especially in this gay gay Asian American gay gay world.

And what does it MEAN when ONE person says they are dating and the other person says.. "WTF!?! NO!?!"
And what does it MEAN to say, "I like him... but he's the opposite of what I'm attracted to"
And what does it MEAN to make out at Dragon, but then say to each other "I'm not interested in a relationship...but let's take it slow... whatever that MEANS"
And what does it MEAN to sleep with the boy, call the boy everyday after work, cuddle... but refuse to say... "I love you."
And what does it MEAN to brush off your friends, tell them nothing, act cold and distant... but that's okay because you have love in your life? I know this one.. it's called bull shit.
And what does it MEAN to get back together again? God, why!?
And what does it MEAN to date a friend? is that possible? how about be friends right after?
And what does it MEAN to think someone is HOT... but immediately place them in the friendzone?


Joe and I agree, it's getting Cold and the gays are getting lonely. PPL be doing CRAZY things.

"I figured you out Chris... you're all talk... and dance, that's it," Damien is right. That's all I do, talk... and dance... because it's safe.


I met a boy, that dances really hot. I like it (I found his rhythm sexy). And another boy that makes dancing to high energy music fun (we were the only ones on the floor! :D)... maybe I should give them/myself "a chance"... more than just dancing and talking?! I said, people be doing some crazy shiiit.


Joshua said...

HAHAHAHAHAH...that's funny (mortifying people). I'm just good at making comfortable situations awkward, fast.


Luuworld said...

cool glasses, cute boys! you should do a post about dragon- sounds like a fun place :-D