Monday, December 15, 2008


I had a dream that someone recorded me having sex with a girl and posted it on the internet.

I was devastated.

I hate having straight-curious dreams.


So my friend is depressed about his relationship or whatever is left of it. And he told me that he just needed to feel pain and let it naturally happen and not suppress.

To this I responded, "that makes sense.. okay.. CRY BITCH, CRY!"

I hope humor helps him heal.. .. ..... ..


So... um Mr.GoodDancer got scared that I kept complimenting his dance moves. And Mr.HighEnergyMusic likes to talk to me about life... but keeps reminding me that we're "good friends" like every second of our conversation. "yeah...I really like running marathons... what do you like doing 'good friend'? Oh that's cool, you're such an interesting 'good friend'! Aww.. what a 'good friend' thing of you to say!"


So I'm going to try something completely different and start dating girls! Because you know.. it's a choice and I choose girls.

I think i just threw up a little.


Mr.Ho is attracted to Mr.Demon, but Mr.Ho is flirting with Mr.Worthy. Mr.Ho asked me which one he should date. I responded, BOTH of them at the same time... but only because I know that Mr.Demon and Mr.Worthy made out with each other and I wanted to see drama unravel in front of me.

I am... a terrible person.

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fading.requiem said...

Correction: There`s nothing left of the relationship. *sigh* haha