Monday, November 17, 2008

Since I've Been Back

A nice welcome back dessert with the boys.

I Don't Miss "American Food"

I was asked if I missed American food while I was in Vietnam. I confidently responded, "no." Pizza? Hamburger? All American Breakfast and BBQ? I can do without. My mom took me out to some good Vietnamese American food and I have to say.. it was disgusting. HAHA, well, not that bad, but definitely does NOT compare to eating on the streets of Vietnam.

I'm already feeling bloated and gross eating American food. Yuck.

VSA Fallshow Case

I love fall showcase. Inspirational... and showcase of talent and culture. The Traditional dance was the best I've seen and JV's spoken word was hot hot hot. The chairs we removed for a more intimate setting and the majority of the audience stayed to the very end. Love it.

Through out the night, I would say that people were using Vietnamese magic. The drawing on the chalkboard was done in two minutes by Sonny. Art bleeds from his fingers. Vietnamese magic.

I ran into a Filipino guy and a Japanese guy at the showcase! Spreading culture and love!
I had time to kill so I went to sproul and TABLED!! I know... something only Christopher would do.

Local Bars of San Jose

If they weren't overweight, they were over 40. We witnessed a Cougar get freaky with a midget. The whole room was watching.. because no one else was dancing.

Protest in the City

Aaron was inspired to go to the protest and I'm glad I went. A lot of empowering speakers. December 10th is Day with out gay. "There will be no hairdressers, no opera, no sitcoms, no fashion, no Beyonce... it's going to be scary." HAHA, we'll see how much power gay people actually have.


I came back early from Vietnam for Mony's birthday even though I wanted to stay through December. I had nothing to do with the planning nor did I actually see Mony on the day of because they had made plans without me. There's Joe holding a cake for Mony. That was me last year.

Sort of bittersweet. It has inspired me to apply to jobs in various locations: SF, LA, NY... Hawaii. The friends that have kept me home are moving away... they don't let me keep them back... so why be held back by them?

Covering Up Shame
Wearing scarves, ugly hoodies and band aids over my hickeys have made me more embarrassed than ever. I felt trashy, like an ugly person showing off that he's getting some. And obligated to cover it up. Asking Caitlin for make up. Pressing cold metal spoons.

"What happened to your neck?"
"Oh.. at the protest... a Mormon beat me. 'Bad homosexual, no marriage for you!'"
And laughter deters curiosity

"What's that on your neck?" asked Mony with a smile
"Shame..." Mony knew me too well for me to avoid truth.

Last night, I partied too hard in Downtown. My Vietnamese body was not used to American liquor. I paid for strangers drinks that doubled my tab and threw up on the street and ran to the car before the cops got me. I crashed at Caitlin's house and threw up her dad's breakfast that he offered me. I made up for my irresponsibility by making good conversation with her cool parents. I told them about Vietnam and how I hated the mosquitoes.

"It looks like you got some bites on your neck too" Caitlin's dad did not smile, like Mony smiled.
"Yeah.. I hope they go away soon." Caitlin started to laugh.

They drove me home and offered a barf bag. "It looks like you didn't make it" Caitlin's mom pointed out some throw up on the car floor from last night. I was very embarrassed and cleaned it quickly. "All better! As if it didn't happen!" Caitlin's parents smiled.

They were probably thinking how reckless I am.

It's true. I am very reckless.

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