Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sally Got the Cliffnotes to Vietnam

This Halloween weekend, Sally decided to hop on a plan and visit me. I was thankful because with her here, I was able to do some touristy things like the Mekong Delta and HELLA Pagodas.
Here's the summary in reverse order!

"WELCOME TO VIETNAM!" Sally embraces everything about the culture!

She taught my local cousin how to thizz face.

Lots of pagodas!

Sally crosses traffic better than me.

She loves this picture.. i don't know why.

Sally tried exotic fruits.

Got stuck in the rain! I gave the lady selling raincoats my trash and she threw it back into the street!

Sally Loves Vietnamese food! HELL YEAH! And Vietnamese Ice Coffee (She had like 3 a day!)

Partied with some outoftowners!

We were at a club and pointed out an actor and Sally made me take a picture with him. And I'm glad she did. He's fucking tall. And pale. We saw him when the club closed and were about to follow him. But then decided that we didn't want to be arrested.

We walked around the city in search of masks. This was the best we found! Not too shabby! Partied to some hip hop music! Yeahhhhh. Sally showed them Vietnamese Hos how to get down. Halloween in Vietnam is interesting. A lot of costumes and crossdressers and only a few parties that were broken up by the cops at 1am. Just like in college.

Sally discovered shopping... too many markets! Ugh!

Sally and I went Crocodile fishing! The best 30 cents of my life. (We hung slabs of pork on a rod! Hold on tight!)

Sally and I became victims to tourism. The "floating market" was a disappointment because the tour took us at the wrong time. The river was pretty empty! Ugh!

Sally looks good as a Vietnamese grandma!

The First night in Vietnam, we took Sally drinking by the river. That's how we rolllllll! She downed so much beer!

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carlo obscura said...

LUCKY!! i miss sally soo much!!!

You too Chris ;)

--Carlo De La Cruz