Thursday, November 27, 2008

Recovery Week

After talking to a couple of folks, I began to understand that being without a job is a huge negative in the attraction game in the US. Like HUGE. LIKE... UTTERLY, Ridiculously HUGE. LIKE OMG, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST LOSER AND I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU... HUGE.

My letting the ice melt philosophy is wearing thin as most of my ice has already melted. What would the German girls say?

Diana invited me over to kick it with her family, but I told her that I was embarrassed to see her dad because I don't have direction in life. I ended up visiting her anyway an hour later. At the table Diana asked me if she could repeat what I had said on the phone because she was amused.

I guess.. why hide how you feel? Diana's parents gave a warming 'awe' and told me that they'd always be proud of me and that they know I will succeed. I responded that I hope so and her mom rebutted, "I know so."

Heh. I really have taken steps back when my friends' parents feel obligated to push me in some direction. But at the same time, it was nice to hear.

We played charades with the family, and it was ridiculously fun.


Earlier in the day, I got a phone call from Alysia's mom.

"Hi April! What is up?!"
"I'd like to know if you are coming over to eat at 3 or what?" She was blunt and harsh
"Oh for Thanksgiving day? I didn't kno... yes of course! I'll be there!"
"Good, that's all I wanted to know, if you don't like wine, please bring something for yourself to drink."
"Okay, bye."

Alysia's Mom is offbeat, but clearly loves me. After all, I've been coming over and eating their rotting leftovers since 2002 even if Alysia wasn't there.


After Charades was nice casual outing with most of Ignia at Mission Ale- Warm coats and good conversation. Diana was concerned when we parked on a "shady" street. Though if you looked around, it was well lit and right next to City Hall. HAHA. Though there was a scary, sassy argument between this thug and his hoe. Diana witnessed an authentic circle snap. I have yet to see an authentic one.

Yes, Caitlin is as orange as her hat!!!

We are preparing for the Ski trip! Yes SIR! Aaron's ballin' mother is getting us a suite with a Jacuzzi, bottle service at a club, and a buffet dinner.

Thank you Filipino mom's who play Black Jack. Aaron's mom is V I P!


I spent the day with Joe and then ended up back at Mony's place. Szeto joined us for some desserts and 30 Days of Night at my favorite Vampire movie that kicks TWILIGHT'S ASS ten fold!

In between we played, "Monyboo" which is Taboo, but you relate it to Mony. HAHAHA. TRY! IT, it's a fun twist to a classic game! HAHA.

It felt really good. Just to have my boys back. Laughing, goofing, and hating on each other.

If any of you are in North San Jose. Check out "Pho KANG!" SO FUCKING good. The decorations are tasteful and the chairs are a modern wood finish (as opposed to tacky gold Chinese chairs that are curved on top and found at Dim Sum places.) Most importantly they gave HELLA MEAT! Sadly, I did not have my camera. But take my word. Order the Hieu Tieu Bo Kho- Noodle Beef Stew. I was orgasmic with each bite!

Before my 'therapy' session I had Vietnamese food with my cousin. She wanted to hear my Vietnam stories and i was excited to share.

Vietnamese AMERICAN food is loaded with carbs, fats, chemicals... These pieces look like they are about to explode. The proportions are ridiculous.

And the meats were SWEATING!

Also, we found a fancy Jack-in-the-Box that had a chimney. I think it should have been called a Jack-in-the-Crate-and-Barrel.

My cousin has been adding an extra 'I' in the word Chimney... pronouncing it: chimIney. I concluded that Mary Poppins' is to blame for that song, "Chim chimIney, ChimIney, Chim chim cher oo" Messing up American speech since the 60's.


I feeling a lot better, I feel more driven and I open the shades to my room to let the sun in now. woot.

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