Sunday, November 23, 2008

3D Films Make me Dizzy

Disclaimer- Non Emo Version of What I've been Up to.

November DRAGON!!!!!
If someone offers you a ride to the city, YOU TAKE IT!!! I found myself with a random slew of boys drinking and dancing the night away. DJ ZAX on the hip hop floor was interesting.

He played very obscure tracks toward the end, but people kept dancing. I noticed some faces turning sour as each track he played was really unrecognizable. It was as if he were playing TRACK 6 off all the gay hip hop albums. You know, the TRACK that no one plays on the radio and it only comes up while you are doing homework. yeah, random shit like that.

And a random picture with some acquaintances found itself on the facebook. Strange. I dont remember flipping off the camera. Sadly, non of THE boys were there.


"Do you know the plan today? We are going to Visit grandpa and then go to church" asked my dad.
"Actually, I have lunch plans with the boys"
"Do you know what today is? It's your grandma's death anniversary!'

ARG! But we made it work. With the help of Joe's love of driving, I got where I wanted to be in no time at all. We were at the Standford shopping center and I felt like I was in the HILLS.

People were excessively rich and snooty. Ugh. "This line is OUT OF CONTROL!" This sassy, ditsy Asian girl exclaimed while she waited for her overpriced cupcake from Sprinkles.

You can even buy a cupcake for your dog. Are you serious?
What a terrible place.

Death Anniversaries are a big deal to Vietnamese folks. You're supposed to have a HUGE dinner and invite everyone. It's like Thanksgiving, but rather you are paying respects to someone who has passed away. My Vietnamese American family decided just to have it at a Chinese place.

The boys wanted to see BOLT in 3D.
Bad idea. My eyes were so tired trying to focus and I slept on Szeto's shoulder 20 minutes into the movie. I felt like throwing up on the Hannah Montana child sitting in front of me.

Sadly, I was unable to appreciate the movie for its 90% approval rating on rotten tomatoes.


I bought a new camera condom off Ebay. And look what they sent me.

I am mildly offended. I ordered BLACK!
Dang... even people's gaydar in Hong Kong go off when they come close to interacting with me.


Trying to dress better. I don't think I was meant to dress better. I try to remember rules and put together a semi decent outfit. Ugh. It's so unnatural.

I'm considering growing out my hair, I did it two years ago, what do you think? The inbetween stage is horrible and it's probably gonna make me look younger. MMmm, but I want some sexy, run your fingers through my hair.. hair.

My brother is actually kicking my ASS in the cool department... especially now that he's taller than me.

While searching for more hairchives, I found this picture. I love the composition.


dannie said...

wah theres a sprinkles in palo alto?
sexy camera condom. love the pink.

Huan said...

The picture of the Dam Vo...ohm...I think my grandma is buried there too! the same section...our late relatives are neighbors...