Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming Home

Five hour flight to Korea
Eight hour layover in a terrible country where people are rude.
(JK, well.... the ppl in the Airport were rude)
Ten hour flight to San Francisco

I highly recommend flying Asiana. They gave me slippers, sleeping mask and toothbrush/paste. I watched 3 or 4 movies straight on my 10 hour ride. Maybe that wasn't smart, but now I can tell you that I like the concept of Mamma Mia the Musical, but wish they chose different actors instead of Meryl Streep and Pierce Bronson. Terrible terrible singers. It also wasn't very Greek at all. I also had fun checking out this 5'10 Korean Man-love steward(ess.) Mmm I bet his Kim Chi is very spicy. More peanuts please!

I made friends with this really cute energetic Vietnamese grandma. She was so charming and had a cute smile. She wanted me to go on the City Tour with her, but I already got a hotel to rest up. Aw man. She was very adorable and made my flight from Vietnam to Korea really pleasant. My ten hour flight from Korea to the US was spent next to this middle aged Korean woman who looked like she beat school children because she was the head of discipline. There were also a lot of Indian folk on the flight. Suddenly I had a day dream that I would be sandwiched between two people who did not believe in antiperspirant. At that point, I realized that I was very racist.

I had no problems re-entering the country even though I had smuggled in an orphan, pirated movies and the bird flu. I turned on my phone expecting 2 months worth of text/voice messages ... I had a total of 1.

Thanks guys. ;) haha. jk.

The first thing I did when I landed:
--Had sushi- MMmmm. Though I was craving Vietnamese food.
--Went to Walmart- I filed a complaint because I couldn't get anyone to help me for 20 minutes. No one smiled and everyone was morbidly obese. If I was in Vietnam I would had 4 cute servant girls quickly finding the products that I need as if by providing me with good service, I would buy them a ticket out of the country.
--Visited my Grandma on my dad's side and held an interesting conversation
--Gave my family presents
--At night, I shivered my ass off.

So I realized that chopsticks may not be the best souvenir presents to give by the reaction on some of my friends' faces. I thought they were practical. Maybe you guys want magnets instead?


BTW: Sally Corrupted my Family in Vietnam by Teaching them Thizz Face

The Urban Vietnamese Man (I like the whoosh effect caused by wearing a helmet. My hairdresser only used thinning sheers!)

In Contrast:
The Would you Date me for 1000000000 dong?


dannie said...

i like the swoosh in your hair too. i dont like walmart bec. the people don't know anything.

thwany said...

swoosh is better

Tofu said...

haircut does wonders! *thinks about getting haircut*