Friday, November 7, 2008

And you Thought Black people Talk a lot in the Theatre...

My last Friday night in Vietnam was spent watching a professional theatre performance of a ghost story!

My cousins were late, so I left their tickets in the front. My cousin yelled at me, "DONT DO THAT!! THAT HOW YOU LOSE A TICKET!!" I scoffed. Um... how? Vietnamese people don't trust each other.

Okay. So I don't think Vietnamese people know what "inside voice" is. EVERYONE was talking during the performance as if they were talking over traffic. EVERYONE! Even if you had no one to talk to, you were talking loudly. People were reacting to the show, asking questions and explaining the story to eachother.

EVEN the guy on my RIGHT was explaining the story to me; nudging me every 10 minutes. "Oh.. that must be the mom!" "Oooo that was good" "Did you see that?" Apparently I have a new best friend.

The guy next to the Left of me was on his cell phone, shamelessly.

UGH. I might as well have been at United Artist theatre on Shattack. People would NOT shut up. "OooH, the lights turned off, that must mean a ghost is coming out!"

No shit, shut up! AHHH!!!

I think it's because Vietnamese people have short attention spans (like me). They have to be doing something with their hands like: picking fruit, playing cards, or cheating you; otherwise they would be napping or drinking coffee on the street. It must be torture to sit in the theatre quietly... absolute torture.


After I got over it. The show was great! There were some amazing scenes where the stage caught fire and the main actors were breath takingly brilliant.

There were some scary parts and some teenagers who sat in the front row moved farther back because they were freaked out.

The stage itself was very elaborate, like a public college play. (Nothing like Wicked) and the story was simple (like Vietnamese people) that I was able to appreciate it.

I should have taken a picture of the set, but I didn't want them to take my camera away, so here's what it looks like after the show. LOL!

Final thoughts


Before the show, I had one more meal with my grandpa's younger brother. He told me how he would find me a nice Vietnamese girl with a wealthy family when I was ready. In fact, there was a cute girl who worked at the coffee shop down the street. Haha. He also told me that for 30,000USD, I can marry some stranger to make them a US citizen. How temptinging.


The girls at the stores love me.
So the girl I bought my swimsuit from, the girl I bought a tshirt from, and the girl I bought a vase from all wanted my number. They all wanted me to "teach them English" and in return they would "teach me Vietnamese."

Oh.. I'm not falling for that one. I know about you tricky tricky aggressive Saigon Girls.


I parited the night before, so I stayed in tonight packing my belongings.. shit.. I bought a lot of junk. It was fun, I had some Indian food in the Backpack district (who does that?) and then went to a bar and sat right next a singer! She was so good!

My friends were making fun of me because I sat there in awe with my mouth open. I could have touched her if I wanted.

That's when I realized that Saigon was like being in LA. In a sense that there is always something to do and someone to run into. I ran into an actor and 3 singers on the street. Though they weren't famous to me.. my cousins pointed them out. Saigon is the place to be if you're famous and I don't think it's that hard to get into that "crowd." Heh.


My aunt and cousins stayed up all night talking to each other. They're really close to each other because they depend on each other. Everyday they are reminded that family is all they have.

Here's a picture of my cousins sleeping while their mom paints their grandma's nails. I love it.


I got a traditional outfit made for my dad. I picked it up, put it on and stood next to the street waving to people. My cousins thought I was crazy. "I AM VIETNAMESE!!!" I shouted.

Because I am! Biiiiiiaatch. And not one thinks otherwise, until I try to speak. Then they think I'm a retard.

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