Thursday, October 9, 2008

Xe Buyt

Yesterday I took the bus to popping class.

I wasn't expecting much, but I was warned that the buses often get crowded and people get pick pocketed.

They didn't warn me about the procedure on which you get on and off the bus.

Everything is normal, there's a bus stop on major streets. When you see your bus coming you wave your hand to indicate that you want to get on. This is where it gets different.


I was with my coworker, "hurry up Chris! It's coming." As the bus came toward the stop it slowed down, a little bit and the back door opens. This is your cue to start running and JUMP onto the moving vehicle.


My coworker got on smoothly. Me, on the other hand, had my shoulder slam into the side of the entry way of the bus. It was a trip. Luckily the bus was not crowded and I found a seat. Also, it was airconditioned! Sweet.

In side was a bus worker to collect your 3,000 dong (20cents) and give you appropriate change. Double sweet! Appropriate change! I hate the buses in the US where you need exact change.


Ok, it doesn't stop there. I was told that my stop was approaching and my coworker told me to go towards the back door. The bus stopped in traffic and I pushed against the door to get off, you know like in San Francisco. But the doors were controlled by the driver.

Oh.. I was supposed to "prepare myself."

With out warning the doors opened in front of me and once again, the bus did NOT stop. Before me was a moving ladding pad. I went with it and jumped out of the moving vehicle. If I had lost my balance, I would have fallen into a huge puddle.

I threw up my hands with Victory! Yeah! How exhilarating.

What about old ladies and crowds? I think the buses stop for them, but if you look healthy... you're expected to do the work of a stunt man. Sometimes the guy that collects your money also helps you get on the bus by extending his arm... but it's up to you to catch up to the speed of the bus.



Artst: MaFu said...

Hey Chris. Hows it going? Dang, you're in Vietnam right now? That's so cool. All your experiences that you've written about so far is very interesting and I want to read more!

Lisa said...

Now I want to go to Vietnam JUST to ride the bus. hahah

dannie said...

dang you got battle wounds to show for your trip haha.

JV said...

aren't the buses in Vietnam fun?!?! I love it!...and miss it! woohoo 20cent bus fair! used to be only 2,000 dong though >.<

JV said...
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