Friday, October 3, 2008

Why is Saddness Beatuiful?

As I was drinking coffee on the street this lady approached me to sell a lotto ticket.

Everyday that I've been here, I've been approached to buy a ticket and every time I reply "I'm not going to buy it." The people who approach me are different. They are old, young, disabled. But they are all the same: poor, desperate.

These tickets are 5,000 dong. 33cents, but I've become numb to each plea. I've been numb for a while. My mom warned me to watch my soft heart, but I didn't realize how stiff my emotions have become.

This women instead of saying, "please buy... sir.. please buy." She said, "it's my last two... please." My friend gave her money and she cracked a smile. I debated if she was lying. Lying like the people on the streets of Berkeley saying they need bus fare.

But she wasn't. She finished her task and asked to use my phone. "I need to call my husband to pick me up. Can you dial for me, I don't know how to use it." I agreed and handed her the phone. I prepared myself to JUMP her if she ran with my electronic. "Hi honey, can you pick me up?" She was sweet. She handed me the phone and thanked me. She sat on the curb and waited.

"You're a good person," responded my friend.

I took this picture.

Look at her eyes. What is she thinking about? Look at her saddness. Look how beautiful she is.... this emotion could not be replicated. This is raw... human... powerful.

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JV said...

next time...invite them to sit down for some food or coffee, talk to them, get to know where they're coming from...I didn't get a chance to do that my first two visits..because I just didn't know how...but you hear amazing stories..and you show the people that you care...if you do this, let me know how it goes..miss ya!