Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vietnam is Not the Shit Hole You Think it Is

I'm in the city of Saigon.

Like being in downtown San Francisco vs. being in the suburbs of San Jose, there are different parts of the city. A lot of poor, a lot of rich.

Yesterday i went to the more wealthy area. These homes would put the apartments above Santana Row to shame. I stand corrected, not all street facing houses have stores.

If you don't have WiFi, you have a nice internet cafe! Ooo new Dell Computers!

My grandpa's younger brother told me that if my grandma had kept her house in Saigon, she would be very wealthy because it was in a corner house where the Honda store is. :[

My cousin got a Chinese Dress made for 12 bucks? yay Child labor!!

I give it 3 washes before it rips.


JV said...

whoaa...what's up with the yellow and 3 red stripes in the picture with the boy?

letopho said...


It's a part of a design of a bag.