Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gotta Keep Moving

My Expat Cousin: has being doing business in Vietnam for one year. Originally from Texas.
My Local Cousins: Know only Vietnam. Are whom I'm staying with.

Living Conditions
Living with my local cousin has taken a toll on my body. I have more than 30 mosquito/ant bites on my legs. I always feel sticky. There is no privacy. I've resorted to escaping to an expensive coffee shop down the street for the day and it's the best decision of my life!

View from the large chain coffee shop: Trung Nguyen
Airconditioning... this is fantastic.

Work Begins Soon
What to do!

Going to the Beach is Different
Going to the beach in Vietnam is expensive: $50.
-Rent a car because it's a 2 hour drive
-Buy expensive sea food because that's all they have
-Rent a space because it's not a public beach, you can't just sit anywhere

I guess I am spoiled by California beaches.

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