Friday, October 17, 2008

Skin Update in Vietnam

I was gChatting with someone I thought was really cute.

They told me that they should be in bed because they're breaking out. I respond with offbeat humor, " don't worry, ive come to realize that bad skin is just another trait that people judge you with like.. bad teeth, bad fashion or bad hair."

And they became really self conscious, "YOU DONT UNDERSTAND!!!! I HAVE TERRIBLE SKIN!!!"
"do you think you have worse skin than me?"
"you don't have bad skin... trust me, no one has skin as bad as me."

I was taken back because I never noticed his skin. Mony always said to me, "no one notices Chris... stop caring so much.." Which I have.. I have been caring less, but in Vietnam my aunt always tell me RIGHT before i eat something if it will make me break out or not.

"You want to eat Top Ramen? That'll make you break out."
"Here, eat this fruit, it'll help your skin"
"Don't eat too much of that meat, you'll break out for sure!"

RIGHT before I eat it... !!

Thanks to my aunt I can classify foods into two food groups: makes me break out, clears my skin.

Thanks to her and my other blunt family members who say, "if you didn't have ugly skin you'd be very handsome!" or "did this happen when you got here or back in the states?" As she rubs my face.

I'm wondering if my bad skin is the reason that no local Vietnamese boys try to make conversation with me at Lush, the Vietnam Dragon, sort of. Though one boy did smile at me... but I didn't know what to say. I'm considering flirting with boys I see at the pool wearing sexy tight trunk suits... wow, lots of muscles. Especially when they know how to swim the butterfly... yummy.

I was considering skin treatment in Vietnam because it's so cheap, but I began to day dream about all the things that can go wrong.... like with shady equipment with Melamine in it.

So I'll just hold off, but I must say that my skin is doing great. I dont know if it's because I'm in Vietnam, because I'm on a normal sleeping schedule or because it's Oct-Nov (the period when I usually have really good skin.)


Stanza said...

I get pretty self conscious especially when going to work on a train full of people. I kinda sit down with my head lowered and pretend to be asleep with my headphones on.
Just feel more comfortable that way, I don't see people see me I guess ..

Alex C. said...

I am glad to hear the skin is well. We all have issues with it.