Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night I had a date with Romeo.

He suggested a really posh coffee shop on a really upscale street. So posh that the prices were in USD. It was a bit more romantic than I had planned. I made sure I had enough money to cover him.

I told the waiter not to take my order until my friend arrived, but after 20 minutes, I felt stood up. I took out his business card and called him... nothing. I waited five more minutes. I started to walk downstairs. I passed my waiter, "he never showed up." I was obviously disappointed.

And as I walked towards the exit, there he was waiting for me. Probably thinking the same thing. "Hello! I'm sorry my phone was dead, I should have checked upstairs. I was late."

We talked from 7:30 to 10 about everything.

His mother tongue was French, he studied Vietnamese for 3 years and he knew English from high school. He also knew a bit of Spanish and Japanese.


He talked about how he loves to dance and doesn't need to get drunk because dancing gives him that adrenaline. He waved his hands in the air to simulate what he looked like on the dance floor... very cute. He also told me how he hated techno or whatever that music is and would rather dance to hip hop or pop because it's more interesting. *swoooon!*

He told me that when I go home, I need to sort out my priorities. I asked if he missed his family and he said yes, but it's his life he's living, not theirs and he's happy in Vietnam. He also reminded me that the salary in Vietnam is very low, but the experience you get is very high.

With experience comes money, I should be patient.


We talked about how Vietnamese people live with their parents until they are married and most aren't taught to think for themselves. We talked about how things will change in the future and the little mom and pop shops will all close down because of the flood of foreign retail investors in 2009 when Vietnam's trade doors swing wide open.


He told me about his psycho exgirlfriend and his current girlfriend. Hehe, yeah it wasn't a date, but I wish it was.

He was in a two year relationship.


He was so willing to talk to me. He suggested places to travel. His pet peeve is being a tourist. So if you travel, you should travel with a local. He told me how he spent 3 nights and two days on a diving trip. The whole package: $300 which included a secluded bungalo and 6 diving adventures of an island.

When we parted ways, he offered to take me to the backpack district, but I didn't have a helmet and I didn't want to risk getting pulled over.

I came home too pensive to eat dinner.

Instead of wondering who I am and where I belong... I am now wondering what are my priorities?

My 2 month venture to find something is coming to an end and my questions have yet to be answered. Ohhhh Romeo, how do you have things SO figured out?!


thwany said...

you're in vietnam? awesome.

dannie said...

things will come in due time :]