Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Piece of Home

I had my first "American" meal.

It was a pizza of course at this hotel restaurant . A salami pizza. Gosh, it was mediocre.
I'm getting a little homesick and it's only been 2 and a half weeks.


I've also been a little... you know... cough cough... this lack of privacy is killing me. I need a little Dragon right now.... some downe friends. Hmmm... what to do.


Work is very interesting. Yesterday, the design and account managers brainstormed some activation ideas for a paint company. But seriously, if you're rich enough to paint your house, you would higher someone to do it. But it was interesting... the meeting was conducted in English. There was an Swedish guy and a Pilippino guy and an Indian guy... all of them with stereotypical accents.

I DON'T understand how they understood each other! But everyone had good laughs.

The Pilippino guy was hilarious! The selling point of the paint was that it made the room look more spacious and relaxing. The guy came up with that idea of having an exhibit where people would walk into a room painted by the paint...with midgets handing them brochures... with the midgets there, of course the room would look bigger!

Everyone started to laugh... it was a riot!


Today I reviewed some pictures taken from an activation of a very affordable stove targetted in rural Vietnam! Wow! A $12 stove!


Someone took a candid shot of me... this is what I look like when I'm checking someone out.

Now... i understand.


Popping Class was great! I'm tuning up my overused body roll! After, I hung out with this post grad law student who was in Vietnam fucking around until his bar results came in. He managed the district website for Key Club in the late 90s.

"The best thing about Key Club was it taught me how to dance!" He expressed such fond memories... even at 27, he remembered every detail. I wonder why I didn't maintain any of my key club friends. I wonder why I just remember having a great time, but never kept in touch.

I wonder what happened.

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mich said...

that salami pizza looks nastay.