Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Kilo

I was joking around with my coworker saying that I went up 1 kilopound, no kilometer.... no.. kilowatt? Shit...



yeah, that's it, 1 kilogram and she goes, "WHAT? no.. you at least gained 3 kilograms since you arrived!" I don't even know how many pounds that is! DAMN IT!

Its cuz the food is so good, but I exercize so much! UGH!

This is the team chowing down on some Dim Sum. And then me shopping afterwards. The company is so chill.

I was supposed to be shopping for friends, but I ended up getting more underwear for myself. It's the only thing that I know that's appropriately priced. I was looking for some sunglasses for my brother. They're 25k on the street, 70k at the tourist market and the guy at this place was asking 120k!!!! WTF! When I walked away he shouted, "how much do you want to paaayyyy??" Im like, fuck you, just cuz I'm a FOB and my Vietnamese is ugly!
Shopping in Vietnam is seriously stressful, what's the right price?! AHHH!!
Yesterday i took a Swing Dance class... I'll probably go again next week. And a couple of weeks ago was Salsa. This women grabbed my hips and corrected my sway. Hehehe, love it.


thwany said...

hahaha vietnam looks amazing. i've always wanted to go there.

RRP said...

sounds like fun... and just like my last holiday in asia.

bargaining is a bitch.