Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 Dollars is Expensive

Everything is 3 dollars at the nightmarket, but apparently that's still too high.

They have everything... but they're all fake, very old or irregular


Stylish belts, sunglasses, collared shirts, watches... everything.

All of it... 3 dollars is the magic number.
They look good, but with a couple of washes/uses.. they go into the trash.


Bargaining is engrained in the culture, but like the shoppers, the merchants are sick of it too.
"Can you lower it? How about such and such price?" Is a common tactic. They say no, you walk away, they call you back. Oh, but they figured it out.

"I'm sorry, that's the correct price." This is a new statement that I've heard from the merchants. So many people shop that one lost customer is no skin off their back. They work together so that the prices are maintained and now the shopper who leaves the tent comes out with nothing.


I asked for a price of a ring, "30,000!" Which is two bucks, my local cousin (who bargains for me)asked for 20,000. The merchant replied, 28,000 and i pulled out my wallet and paid. My local cousin started to yell at me. "Why did you pay when we didn't agree to the price?!"
"Uhhhh.. what?"
"Next time don't be so eager! You suck! You can buy two of those rings at a book store for 25,000 total! Idiot!"

Sigh... I thought 2 dollars for a ring was good... i guess not when you can buy a pair of jeans for 4 dollars.



Then i realized that Szeto and Mony would be worse. A lot of the stores BLED Szeto fashion and Mony would just throw his money around.



I'm now book keeping. I spent 50 bucks in three days and I don't know how when everything is 3 dollars.

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Tofu said...

omg i should go shopping in vietnam lol. i thought south korea would be cheap, but they all mistook me for a japanese tourist and since the vendors couldn't speak english and i couldn't speak korean we had to talk in japanese anyways... and they charged me japan prices O_O... ... $20 for seaweed! lol