Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Magic Bullet

I was watching the Magic Bullet infomercial dubbed in Vietnamese.

And... it was even MORE convincing than the English version! I love my Magic Bullet!


I'm coming to realize that my family loves to argue about money. So here's the story:

My grandma adopted a girl.
My grandpa didn't want the girl so they gave the girl to my grandma's sister who couldn't have children.
My grandma's sister raised the little girl.
My grandma's sister passed away and the girl, now woman got a fair amount of her property.
The girl asked my grandma for more money when she got married.
My grandma gave it to her.
Decades later, my grandma wrote a letter to the girl, now woman with a family to give the lent money to my grandma's youngest sister to help her with her sickness.
The girl claimed to not have money.
The girl is sending her two kids to Japan and Singapore to study, she also finished remodeling her house... obviously she has money.
The family hates her.

I ran into this woman at the store and she looked awkward. I was awkward too because I forgot how she was related to me at the time. My aunt told me that she's probably scared that I came to Vietnam to claim the money she owes my grandma.


This is Vietnamese Drama!

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