Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Lesson about Vietnamese Families

At least the color is cute.


I was watching the Vietnamese Version of Family Feud! It was sooo captivating! The categories were ridiculously easy:

Fruits, other than oranges, that you can make juice from.

I couldn't remember the other ones, but it was interesting.

On the topic of families, I got my cousin in trouble and her mom started to yell at her and she yelled back and cried a bunch. I felt terrible and apologized to everyone. They assured me that it wasn't my fault and there was more to it.

It was so awkward, I felt like I had burdened the family. But I know that I will never truly understand what family burden is.

My cousin, who is younger than me is expected to clean and cook the house just because she's a girl. She's also responsible for feeding her paralyzed grandma and changing the grandma's diaper. Which she doesn't mind doing because she loves her so much.

I never did that shit for my grandma... I just came over, ate her food... kissed her on the cheek and left. And when it was Tet, I recited a line, kissed her on the cheek got my red envolope awesomeness and left.

It's interesting.. this Asian American complex. "Oh I feel so bad, I'm so disrespectful and unappreciative" and rarely we do anything about it except feel bad and then move on.


It seems like these kids are taught to be dependant on their families until they're married and this "burden" is just a part of the cycle of mom takes care of child.. child returns the favor. But Asian Americans are confused... they feel that "burden" yet escape it with all the energy that they have.

When our parents get old, we hire someone to change their diaper. It's the epidome of an American spoiled child... and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Disagree? Would you change your grandma's diaper and spoon feed her apple sauce everyday if she was paralyzed due to a stroke?

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