Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tomorrow I Start Work

"You're brave for meeting up with strangers," my local cousin thinks I'm crazy.

"Well... friends start off as strangers," I'm not going to limit who I meet and it's kind of exciting to know that I'm putting my life in danger. I have nothing to lose.

Last night I met a fellow Berkeley grad that I found off thefacebook. Graduated in winter 2007, he got an interview through and bought a one way ticket.
"You impress me."

He talked a lot about his experience. He's already hit the 6 month mark. "I'm making a 5th of what I should be making, but the experience is worth more." Unlike me, he didn't have family.

He emphasized, "there are opportunties here, no doubt, but you can also get side tracked. You have to be careful." It's true, this city is a lot of fun. Everyday I discover something new and none of that touristy shit.

As he talked more, it became clear. People who work abroad are in search of something. People who leave home are unsatisfied... escaping. Often, they need to be reminded of everything that's going RIGHT in their lives.
It makes me wonder how severely desperate someone wants to change to go abroad. It makes me wonder... what happened to them to for them to voluntarily flee from what's familiar to a place so alien.

I know what happened to me. And by taking a break from home, I managing to solidify a more satisfying definition of myself. Appreciation

I have four more weeks before I fly back to the US. These four weeks are important because they will determine if I will stay for a longer period of time. The US is doing terribly. I probably won't be able to secure a job, but I'm coming to realize how much I love my friends and family I have in the US. I've also become aware that my soul is not that LOST for me to leave them until my mid to late twenties.

If I come back, it'll be different. My license will be returned to me. I will have a clearer idea what I want to do with my career. Essentially, if I return or if I stay... I will have grown more than I ever could imagine.

But it's only been two weeks and I've got a long way to go. Tomorrow I start work. My unpaid internship in consumer research seems like a perfect fit... but I can only hope that it will help me realize what I want to do with my life.... at least with my career.

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