Friday, October 3, 2008

I Wanted a Cuddle Buddy...

I saw the boy yesterday.

He took me to a market where people buy things in bulk for resale. His mom and sister were there and he introduced me. I guess because I was so easy to trust him... he began to return that trust.

At this market was a lot of "Hong Kong" fashion. I was reminded of Szeto a lot. The clothes were a bit more expensive: $9! I would have none of it! LOL!

We headed back to his place.

He told me to use his computer while he did laundry. So, there's a common theme amoung the people I visit in Vietnam. The inside of their house is disgusting. I began to appreciate my life. I walked in there was a giant cockroach. "Don't worry, it's dead." His room was as big as my room in San Jose, except he had to share it with some guy he didn't really know. They slept in the same bed together. "Is that weird?" I asked.

"No, as long as you don't move around, you stay on your side of the bed. Actually, this [full size] bed can fit 3 people!" You gotta be kidding me.

The walls were gross, the floor was gross, it made my apartment at Berkeley seem like a palace.
"This is like college living, huh?"
"Yeah! two more guys sleep outside." He was referring to the entry way of his place. "Yeah, four guys live here, rent is $48 a month" I still thought it was a rip off.

He joined me on the bed in his boxers. I asked him about his Taiwanese boyfriend and other gay things.
"SHHH!!!! If they find out, big trouble." His roommate was outside napping or using a computer. I refrained from saying any of those key words.

We played a version of text twist off thefacebook. "Help me! I want to win! And learn English!" I really sucked, but when I got the big words he got really excited. "Let's take a nap."

"Okay... do you have shorts?"
"No, but you can sleep in your underwear, there's only guys here." Okay... um...

I kept my jeans and polo on.. but after a few minutes Vietnam attacked. I stripped down and layed next to him. I was awkward. I really didn't understand what was going on. The door was left wide open. Anyone walking buy could have looked in.

I coughed.

"Are you cold?" He moved in. Wrapped his boney arms around me. I was suprisingly comforted. I managed to nap and cuddle with him under a blanet with a fan blowing in. We hit all major cuddling positions until he got hungry.

We got dressed and went for food.


We sat at street side coffee place and I couldn't help but ask.
"What if your roommate walked in?"
"He's only there 3 times a week and my other roommates don't come into my room."
"Is it strange that two guys are cuddling.. do straight guys cuddle?"
"I don't know.. I don't make it my business.... I don't concern myself with other people's stuff"
"I guess, I'm just inquisitive."
"That's no good... why live your life asking so many questions? Can't you just be happy not knowing?"
"I guess, but I like to know"
"You're like my friend... thinking all the time... it's no good."


"People who concern themselves with looking for love are doing it all wrong."
"What do you mean?"
"To me... you just need good friends. And if you fall in love with one of your good friends, that's better."
"I agree."
"I don't want to love because eventually you break up." For some reason, i didn't argue with him. "I'd rather love a girl anyway. I don't want to love a guy." Apparently he had a choice.
"Why's that?"
"I don't know..."

I sipped my coffee and stopped thinking too much.


"I love this coffee shop" it wasn't really a shop, it was a sidewalk and some woman handed us coffee while we sat on plastic chairs made for children. The kind sold at Ranch99.
"yeah, it's cool"
"you can just look into the street and look at the cars pass by. It's not too busy. And look at the trees, they're beauitful."
"I guess so." Earlier, I just saw a dirty road, but he was right. In the shop next to us, people were doing oil painting. Redoing famous pieces of art. The boy was more interested in the people driving by.


He dropped me home. "Have a good night."
"Thank you"
"of course!" he was goofey.

I wanted a cuddle buddy... I got a life lesson.

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Alex C. said...

Honey, I can't rough it in a bad apt. Props to your boy.