Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Missed out on the Moonwalk for Pig Kidney

My grandpa's younger brother invited me to eat.

He looks pretty cool in his helmet!
So I passed up my popping class. It was getting a bit redundant anyway.

My grandpa's brother invited his family- about 8 people came along for the ride.

I was getting really excited because it was like hot pot... except DANGEROUS! You are literally 1 foot away from the flame, sitting on a rickety table!

I was challenged with grilled goat breast. I was being open minded and trying to be polite so I consumed every piece of meat that was placed in my bowl by my grandpa's younger brother.

The meat was so chewy... I was getting really queezy.

You wrap the meat like a spring roll, except the Vietnamese tortilla is hard so it tasted raw.

"Good huh!?"
"Oh yeah! It's so interesting" I'm such a liar.

After devouring about 10... and drinking 2 bottles of orange juice, I thought it was over, but another HOT POT was brought out. What is that? "Pig Kidney!"

Oh.. Joy.

So you "cook" the kidneys in the boiling soup.... which was ... a strange flavor.

Okay.. I didn't want to come home without TRYING what was offered. But one bite did it for me. It was chalky, a strange texture... I used my chopsticks and put in my cousin's bowl, "please help me!!" I sat back in my chair rocking back and forth praying that I would not hurl.

Sigh, but I was okay. I thanked them for the meal and headed home. I called my popping friends and discovered that today they learned the Moon walk and the Usher slide!


-Scorpion is my next treat... wish me luck.

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dannie said...

i'll teach you! lol