Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Fack You Later

This is what I hear in the office.

"He need to fack me"
"I didn't fack you yet"
"I can't fack you until he fack me first"

Apparently fax and fuck sound similiar.


These passed few days I have cramming marketing basics. I didn't realize how drastically lacking my knowledge was. I realized that I was never a business student. But my boss was very patient and laid the foundation that I needed... in one hour. Fack!

And as an intern, not much is expected of me. Nevertheless, my project is still challenging.


I am doing below the line consumer research at "modern trades" or supermarkets. I am doing a general observation that should have been done when the company started 10 years ago. But I guess that gives me flexibility.


According someone, upperclass Vietnamese people make at least $500 US Dollars a month. Wow. A lot of people who work here get local pay. My office is full of yuppies. Young fashionable Vietnamese professionals who spend immediately what they make. There is no concept of saving in Vietnam and the family structure and culture has demonstrated to make these kids depedent for dear life on their parents.


You don't come to Vietnam to become rich, that's for sure. You come because everything is cheap and for opportunties that have escaped countries who are already developed. I know that what I'm learning in the office, I would never get in the US. I am a nobody in the business sector and they would shout "next!!" before I could even say anything.


I want to do a good job, so I'm going to push hard. Wish me luck

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Alex C. said...

Work hard as an intern. It is the key to landing you a good job once you graduate and enter the real world. Trust me...