Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get it Tailored!

I got my American-purchased-made-for-white-man suit shortened and made to hug my body for 6 bucks. And 3 sexy button downs made from scratch for 12 each (including the fabric). Hot hot hot.

My local girl cousin got this cute dress made. She saw a picture, bought the fabric and bada bing, bada boom! She has the dress!

Big question: How long will these clothese last?! Especially in American washing machines?!?

Okay. So this is how it works. If it's made in Vietnam, it's GOING to be cheap. These are the things that I saw that are made in Vietnam:

American Eagle

Anyway, if it's made anywhere else, its more expensive. It all makes sense now!


Things made in Vietnam are normal and people are scared of things made in China! So anything "American" or "Japanese" is highly sought after!

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dannie said...

the suit looks like it fits you nicely.