Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gay in Vietnam II

I'm dying. Especially when I go to the pool, there is a fair share of hot guys with beautiful bodies.

I got Romeo's email and I'm having coffee with him on Monday. EEEEE!!!! Did I mention that he has beautiful back muscles? You can see them when he hangs off the ledge of the pool.

I met this guy named Tino who lives next door and he is freaking FIONE. Tall, works out, cute smile. I got his number too.

I'm finding that I'm a lot more aggressive. I think this is what "networking" is. I guess I left that all behind at Berkeley. But this is so necessary because I'm getting lonely and I have two more weeks to rock it out!

You know how straights pretent to be gay with eachother for laughs. yeah they do that here too and it's strange. Guys hold hands frequently and no one gives it a second look.

Tino, my local cousin and I were walking down the street and I caught him grazing my ass. I giggled hoping he would do it again. I love it, I touched his back affectionately and his shoulder and arms etc while crossing the street pretending to be scared of the traffic. It was just 'straight' boy love that the states is deprived of because everyone is so paranoid.

I found out that Tino works at a gay bar, but he didn't know it. I began to watch his mannerisms... oo, a little gay. His mannerisms probably changed when he realized he got better tips by fliriting with men. I day dreamed about coming home with him, I wonder what his mom would say.

So this is how it works: "Gays" are boys who like boys. "Ladymen" are a guys that acts like ladies. It's hilarious when my cousin pretends to be a Ladyman... because not much changes in his body movement.

"Your cousin says you're gay." Tino said bluntly. This is ironic, my cousin's self giving American name is Liberty.
"yeah.... you don't know until you try it once!" he was joking, but I was awkward. I was glad I wasn't further pressured to expose my sexuality. I was tempted to ask Tino if he had "tried it once," but decided not to make the situation any more awkward.

I debated if I should come out to my cousin. I think it's better he didn't know, but I'm sure he suspects. Tino invited me out to drink sometime and I'm definitely taking him up on that offer. He wears this cute necklace with a ring attached, "is that from your boyfriend?" I joked.

"Noooo! Best friend!" Yeah right.

As we were walking down the street some guy on a motorbike made kissing noises to Tino.
"Is that your boyfriend!?" I joked again
"Noooo! Thats a friend froms school." Yeah right, he probably goes to your bar, I thought.

The bar that Tino works at is called "Golden Smile."
That's so fucking gay. I gotta check this place out. Tino's main job is the flirt with men and get them to buy more drinks. He gets a percentage of what they buy.

My girl cousin said he was probably hired because he has a nice body, but not a cute face. She said this with Tino next to her. Gosh, Vietnamese people are blunt.


I'm considering going to a Sauna and getting a massage from a boy. But... maybe not. I dunno, sounds like a terrible idea. And dangerous. I heard stories about people getting massages and then being offered a "massage down there." =.= Extra services for an extra fee? No thanks, I'm on a budget.

Ahh.. I have boys on my minddddd!

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