Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From the Ground Up

I really enjoy talking to locals and learning everything I possibly can.

I learned today that Vietnamese people buy land and then hire someone to build their house to their liking. Often, they build the houses themselves. This explains the poor craftsmanship and lack of regulations on some of the homes that I've visited. Eg: poor/dangerous wiring, bathrooms with no ceilings, uneven tiles, walls held together by twine... all of that.

I showed my coworker my house and she was amazed that all my neighbors have the same house.

"You mean, you don't build the house yourself?"
"No, we buy houses premade"
"That's so strange and boring, I like the freedom to design and create my own home. Why would you want your house to look like someone else's"
She continued, "if you buy someone else's house, you knock it down and build your own. Usually, those houses are old anyway. You can pick how many stories.. build it how high as you want! It's your property!"

If I were to design my house... there would be a giraffe room, a cheese room and a swimming pool. That's all. Yes, I'm predictable.

I did some research on construction in Saigon and stumbled upon a great blog!
A blog that discusses the "various construction projects happening in this vibrant city, it will include some huge infrastructure projects as well as the many offices, shopping centres and apartments that are on the go or have been given the green light. "

This particular project is of interest: The VISTAS!
Very ambitious, don't you think?

The Vista project made headlines on the 7 June 2007 when over 400 people queued for hours to secure a contract for an apartment on the first phase, all 237 units on phase 1 were booked by 2 pm the same day.

The price range on original contracts was between $1200 and $1600 per square metre. The project sits on 23000 sq m of land and there is to be extensive landscaping with gardens and water features. There will be a total of 750 residential apartments and some retail facilities plus a commercial block.
Very ambitious!

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