Sunday, October 19, 2008

Everyone Has Function...if not, they make one up.

Labor is so cheap in Vietnam... everyone has a function.

I bought a SIM card from a random cell phone stand and I was told to wait to 10 minutes. In 10 minutes this guy rides up in a motorbike to hand me my SIM. His primary function was to drive around the city delivering SIM cards to random mobile shops.

Near my Aunt's place is a street that specializes in motorbike decor. While waiting to get some stuff tailored, my cousin had his phone laminated.


So these kids take a lighter and warm the metal on the Cellphone (like $500 cell phones) and melt plastic on it. After, they smoothen it out with their finger and use a razor blade to cut out the sliding parts.

I was in awe. People laminate their motorbikes too. It's like an art. Pictures to come.


I was in the market looking for some guy clothes. While walking down an aisle these three ladies turned their head and said in unison, "what are you looking for?" At that point I turned the opposite direction and ran.

While I was trying on shirts 5 people who worked there? were staring at me. Good God, how am i supposed to shop like this. And while buying fabric to tailor a shirt this woman kept telling me how "MO Durn" it was and how handsome I would look. Thank you, but I can't think with your incessant yammering.

Buying at the market is like buying from a car dealer.

Labor is so cheap, I've gone to restaurants with people just standing around because there's nothing for them to do. And when they hand you a menu they stand there... staring. GO away!! I need time to decide!


I'm officially a FOB. I was trying to figure out how to spell the word 'unison.' But I was convinced that it was pronounced Unicent... so of course I needed to describe the word to a friend to get the correct spelling. Oh god help me.

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