Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drunk Foreigner

Last Saturday, at this posh club, this guy was having a going away party. He knew so many people that the club dedicated some "happy hour" drinks entitled "Mikes Favorite." I was given two free drink passes and helped myself to some very strong Long Island.
At clubs, you're not allowed to take pictures, but you can see that no one cares and security who does not speak anything other than Vietnamese doesn't know what to do. The same thing goes if I get pulled over. Just speak English and they'll just let you go.. but I'm not going to test that theory.
This is my baller expat cousin

Even though I had two drinks I was determined to get an AMF. This is a tribute to my boys back at home, it tasted so good. Fuck I miss you guys.

Wear whatever you want in Saigon! It's fucking hot here!
Very westernized bar to tailor to westerns
I met these German girls who were quite fun! We danced all night long. I was so wasted. I ditched my cousin or rather he bounced early and I followed these ladies to a good time!

So... if you're a foreigner, you are given special treatment. At 1am I entered Apocoloypes, the notorious club for expats! There was sign that read: 150,000d (10 bucks) to get in. And the German girls said to me, "JUST speak a foreign language and pretend you can't read the sign!" So they spoke to me in German and I laughed like they were telling a joke and we walked right passed!
Hillarious! Oh you should hear these girls try to speak Vietnamese, good lord.

Apocolypes played great music and there were a lot of hookers, but I was concentrated on dancing.
I wanted to take a group picture but something got in the way.
I took a motortaxi home and the girls were concerned, "sometimes the drivers are more drunk than you at this time!" I was lucky enough to get a sober one.. but he could have been drunk.
Yes, I had a hang over the next morning.

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