Friday, October 3, 2008

Crash the Party

As I was heading home from having some "Cock with Sauce" with my uncle, I got a text from my expat cousin about a fashion party. "Wear white!"

My local cousin and I crashed that mother fucker! They served free Grey Goose and Vietnamese influenced hor'dervs. People smoozed. I took pictures. My expat cousin made friends... he impresses me. A nothing-to-lose philosophy. I quivver at initiating a conversation with these young professionals in their late 20s early 30s. And when I'm introduced, I fail to maintain one. More Grey Goose Please.

There were window displays where underwear models stood and changed poses every 10 minutes.

I met one of the promoters, a young Canadian who's been in Vietnam for 3 years. "You don't miss cold huh?"
"I miss my family." Then he turned to talk to some models. We stayed until the bar made of ice collasped.

I managed to get some free parting gifts.
"Do you have your invitation?"
"OOo uh, I don't have it on me, I may have left it in the car.. is that okay?" I spoke quick English, the Vietnamese girls stumbled.
"Just take his name and give it him." One of the girls said to another. They were probably scared that I was important.

Yes! Free Jockey Towels!

That's free Grey Goose tonic I'm holding.

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