Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cam Vat

I remember going to those pho places and getting orange juice.

And I would always get upset when they bring out a glass full of ice and an inch worth of juice... wtf is this?!?!? I would always throw a tantrum. "Vietnamese people are so freaking cheap!"

Now I understand.

You're supposed to let it melt!
In Vietnam, people put concentrate in a glass full of ice. Because of the heat, the ice melts quickly and after a couple of stirs you have a fresh drink!

In the US, by the time the ice has melted, you're already done with your pho.

WOW! What an epiphany!

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JV said...

haha maybe it's kinda weird that I'm reading your blog all the time..but whatever! haha

!!! the ice thing!! I went to my uncle's cafe...where I had my FIRST cafe sua da...and i DOWNED the think like a shot of alcohol...and everyone around me was like "wtf" and i was like..whattt?? and they were all're supposed to TAKE IT EASY and let it melt! Sip, enjoy, relax! lesson right there. =P