Sunday, October 12, 2008

Highway Patrol Found Me

Yesterday the boy invited me for some coffee on the street in district 1.

In the middle of our conversation the owner goes, "MOVE YOUR BIKE!! THEY ARE TICKETING PEOPLE!" In an effort to clean up district 1 (downtown Saigon, sort of) they have banned motobike parking on the sidewalk. The boy quickly moved his bike into the coffee shop's house.

He opened his laptop. The desktop back ground was a picture of himself. He made aww noises as if it were a baby. "I'm handsome." He said.
"I don't understand why you love yourself so much."

"Why not?"
He asked me to take pictures of him... so I did, he photographs well. We people watched and he told me who was gay and who was not. It was fun. I told him that I would love to cuddle with him again (even though he's so conceited) and he said, "only cuddle!?" He told me that we'll probably need to rent a hotel room... and at this point I thought to myself how WRONG this all sounded... and dropped the idea from my crazy, desperate head.
I asked him to drive me to the mall. We stopped at a light and when it cleared he proceeded. That when the men in grey stopped him for running the red light. Looks like even in Vietnam, when I'm NOT driving... I send some sort of scent to street patrol.

They are really cracking down in district 1. I didn't know what to do, am I supposed to bribe these people? He told me to take a mototaxi to the mall and I texted him.

A mototaxi driver saw it happen and told me that if i want to save his bike I needed to go to the office and ask the other mototaxi drivers. Around $60 is what I'd have to carry: 1 MILLION dong!! He explained that the drivers and cops know each other. (You mean are corrupted together?) And if I don't do this, they will take his bike a part!!!
I called up the boy. He said not to worry. The cop that took him in was gay and asked for his number.... he can't get his bike back until a month later.

Are you serious?


So I'm probably not going to see him for a while...probably for the better.

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dannie said...

oh wow...idk why/how they stoped you guys. but aww lol