Monday, October 20, 2008

Because of a Boy Named Romeo

Psychology tells me that when I travel to another country, I hit three no-shit stages

1. Excitement
2. Homesickness
3. Wanting to Stay Forever

My excitement lasted for two weeks, by my third, I had become numb to the new lifestyle that I had created for myself. I began to miss my family and friends and realizing what "home" was... and reconsidering if I really did have "feet that love to walk." I really wanted to be home and take a warm shower and hang out with the boys... Vietnam's charm was dying out and I was glad that it was going to be over in three weeks. But now I'm at stage three: wanting to stay forever because of a boy named Romeo.

My other Aunt invited me to go swimming with her this morning at 6am to teach her family how to swim. I figured that I was already up by then because of the early morning traffic outside my house and voices of strangers drinking coffee beneath me.

I spent an hour casually teaching my family how to swim, but they were all hydrophobic and blind... so yes, it was a challange. "Go swim in the big pool Pho!"
"No, it's okay.. I like being around you guys." At that point I noticed a group of boys enter the pool. Of course, the one white guy stood out like a sore thumb. "Actually, Yeah, I'm going to swim some laps in the big pool."

I ditched my family and did some laps to show off. I waited for the white boy to stop next to me. "Where are you from?" I was tactless.

"Noi Tieng Viet Duoc" (I can speak Vietnamese) Sexy.
"haha... I can't!"
"Oh.. I'm from Phap"
"Yeah" I was hoping my American charm would help me... but his trilingual ability had me trippin' boo.

God he was hot. His English had a bit of French in it. His dirty blonde hair shimmered against the early morning sun. His body had no fat and he swam laps non stop until I stopped next to him. He was 25. Moved to Vietnam to study the language for a year and has been there for 3 years working in outsourcing.

"Not returning anytime huh?"
"Nope!" He was very vehement about staying in Vietnam. I eased dropped as he talked to his coworkers (the group of boys), he was definitely fluent in Vietnamese. *drool

Every Tuesday and Thursday him and his coworkers come out to swim before work. He mainly speaks Vietnamese in his office.

"Whats your name?"
"Romeo and yours?" *faints a little*
"Christopher... we'll, I'll let you swim." And I left. I guess, I was trying to play hard to get, but I probably came off as bored. But no worries... I will be back on Thursday morning.


At that point, I hit stage 3. Not because he was hot, though that did help, but rather because he was inspiring. He's been in Vietnam for 3 years! And he was only 25. He had no plans to return to France... because essentially Vietnam had more to offer him.

So what about me?
This trip has hit the midway mark... and it's an appropriate time to start planning for the future. I defintely realize all the good in my life... but I'm also seeing the potential of being somewhere else.

There is absolutely NO doubt that I'm coming home Nov.9 (unless I can get an extension on my ticket and come back December... but very unlikely.) The question is: how soon will I come back to Vietnam? and will I stay for longer? If so, then I should start applying for jobs.

Oh Romeo... how you got me trippin'


dannie said...

yay christopher is coming home :]

Alex C. said...

I wanna meet Romeo!