Sunday, April 27, 2008


Deejay Danster knows not to waste time.

"I wish I can sleep more but I can do that when I'm 90. Time lost is the worst thing you can lose"

Danster explained that through over 50 bookmarks and email updates he finds countless of things to do and places to eat for cheap. Below are his favorites!,,,,,,,
and sign up for email updates from hometown buffet, pasta pomodoro, target, and countless other retail and food email updates

Danster continued, "It takes less than an hour to look through them all, but you gotta is invest some time every day or once a week and bam, you have so much to do for free or cheap!"


He got me hooked on YELP! User Reviews and Recommendations. I started writing some reviews, but they are a bit shallow for now. Check out my profile on the right column of my blog under "Stalk Me."

He told me a funny story about how his "food buddy" was approached by the owner regarding his review!! Hehe Woot! I mean Yelp!


MoAny says that I spend my internet time surfing while he focuses on chatting. Heh. I guess I am a bad conversationalist through the web... but there are so many interesting things to browse!

I found this illustrator, Dylan Marvin, who's pretty talented, don't you think?

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the holla said...

if one loses "time lost" doesn't one in fact gain time?