Friday, April 18, 2008

TGIF Thoughts.

Huy brought to my attention that the story in my previous entry was actually not a "true story" at all. LOOK:

Okay. Enough IS Enough. Is everyone around us just bullshitting all the time?
I brought this to Joe's attention as well, he doesn't know what to say to his coworker who claimed to have experienced this first hand. How about, "you lying bitch." I suggested using a racial slur. And it's kind of ironic that even my message about "forgiveness" was a lie.


I have discovered that my older cousins possess a lot of insight: "Every person [including yourself] deserve a certain amount of respect. Whatever the excuses they can come up with for what their actions were, their actions were still deliberate and repeated. Don’t forget that..."

I'm fighting hard to internalize these morals. And this "true story" that I was so eager to believe in proves that I haven't internalized anything at all. I possess too much trust. I'm careless.

BAH. Question everything!!!!!

Last night MoAny took me out for Japanese Tapas at a restaurant in Cupertino (NOT Korean, oops) to get my mind off things. And as you can see, I have a lot on my mind. The place was called Gochi and it was fantastic! He made reservations, thankfully.

You were required to take off your shoes if you got a special Japanese style booth. But it really wasn't Japanese, because your feet hang under the table. Real Japanese would make you kneel. Ouch!

We were feeling adventurous: Unagi Pizza! Duck Steak, Claypot rice, croquettes .

Oh man, the Unagi Pizza was a bad idea. The Cheese and Asian food combination was a disaster in my stomach, but the crust was really good. The Duck was unusual, but still good and the claypot reminds me of food a Japanese Baachan would make you. :) I was quite pleased in general! But I wish we got a special booth.

MoAny wanted to play the, "you get next time game." And I refused. He's done a lot for me... so and I hate owing others especially when I know I can't return in the same capacity. Split the bill. MoAny complied to my request. Nice.

Afterward, we checked out an Israeli market. So many spices! And got shady candy. Hehe. It was interesting.
Then I we went to Downtown San Jose. I missed Downtown, with my girls, but alas, they are all gone. I always have a good time in SJ with at least one girl. Cuz then I can go to straight clubs and dance. But with a bunch of gays we have Splash and Hunters. Great. Bad music galore and creepy people. That's why we go to Dragon.

I had a good time lounging around and crashing a NAAAP mixer at a Sake Lounge. Danster suggested getting an account at; he's all about the coupons! And eats out probably twice as much as me and MoAny. Nice. I made good jokes. Laughed. Things were okay. But I felt like I was suppressing so much hurt trying to be a better person, understanding etc. but at the same time not be so careless. I wasn't being fake, I was just trying to push things out of my system. I think I haven't given myself enough time. Yeah.

Please comment and let me know if you like the Black layout. Or should I go back to white?
...K.... no more EMO entries for a while... cuz I'm a happy person. Really, I am.


the holla said...

i don't really like the black. it reminds me of highschool!

but maybe i'll get used to it. hmm. do what YOU like.

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Karnivalé said...

I think the white looked better.