Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Heart is Doused in Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha is Cal VSA's HOT SAUCE Hip Hop Team.
Year after year, the team incorporates hip hip into the culture show story line resulting in a powerful, not-your-average-hip hop routine. Simply amazing.

In 2005, I tried out for the team, but didn't make it..
In 2006, I tried out and made it! Check it out: "Thizzin' in September"

It was silly, but it was fun. Cal VSA worked Hip Hop into the general story line of the culture show, Viet Nam Ten Goi. Thizzin' sort of fit. The main character just got into an argument with her roommates so she took a walk. Unexpectedly HOODLUMS try to hit on her, but then a troupe of hotties, booty shakes the boys away. HAHA, brilliant right?

It worked well because the show was took place during the present. And in the present.. hoodlums always break out in dance right?!

In 2007, Team Sriracha took a more serious approach to incorporating Hip Hop in to the show. The piece unofficially was called "Change of Heart."

There's a better version I have to find.
The piece was an interpretive depiction of inner turmoil during a period when communism was beginning to take over the minds of youth. The red bands represent communism... and at the end of the piece you can see that its ideology consumed the mass. This dance for Sai Gon Trang Mo, The Veiled Moon took place during a period before the war.

This year, 2008 as an audience member, I was on the edge of my seat; beyond jealous..heart skipping beats to match the powerful music. During Petals in the Wind, Canh Hong Trong Gio, the Hip Hop choreographers PUSHED their dancers to the limit. This year's piece displays the maturity of the team, the skills of the dancers and the artistic capability of the CAL VSA.

This year's hip hop piece took a more literal approach to the Communist attack in South Vietnam. Framed years after the hip hop piece from last year, this piece demonstrated communist enslavement of Vietnam toward the end of war. Bombs dropping and a literal, "Fall of Sai Gon" can be seen in the background. 6 Civilians and South Vietnam soldiers running and hopefulessly fighting against the attack until the end when the country was brought to its knees. It was a display of a struggle that hits home for my parents who experienced it first hand. What's more powerful is the use of imagery. This one image taken by Pulitzer Prize-winning war photographer Eddie Adams was brilliantly placed in the dance still gives me chills. WATCH FOR IT. Only at Berkeley.

It's seriously an Art. Down to the music, the lyrics: "i'm gonna keep this secret." And each movement with a difficultly level of 10 that... dare I say it? Yes, would make Pilipinos go, "OH SHIT!!!": hands over the mouth, Violin strumming, Kaba Moderneque "Isolations," hands tied behind their back like captives. Break dance combat moves... powerful, intense.... brilliant.

My heart belongs to Sriracha. I love it so much; amazing. I am tearing up.

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