Wednesday, April 9, 2008

March 30 (Sun)- Disneyland's Club33

Alysia called me a couple of weeks back inviting me to Disneyland's exclusive Club 33.
Well, if you put it that way, I'd be an idiot NOT to go.

On Sunday we had a Disneyland adventure. I was having an okay time, I've been to Disneyland enough that it failed to amuse me as much as it did before. I was greeted at the door with a bit of blatant racism. Well, I was more of a witness.

There was some delay in the entry lines and I turned back to see what the hold up was. One of the workers called management because one of the season passes did not belong to one of the kids. To this the father declared, "NEVER TRUST AN ORIENTAL!!" He was pissed.

Well then. I was about to confront him, but then I realized that his redneck-ism was not worth my time. But at Disneyland? Come on!

The rest of the day was nice. I oddly didn't take that many pictures. We waiting in line for the Finding Nemo ride. Not worth the wait, but still cool.

It was only at night when I was at the club that I realized how lucky I was.

Tower of Terror:
California Adventure Photo Opp.:

Sandy and Boyfriend walking into the sunset... Alysia pushing Janelle in her wheelchair.
(Cough* our ticket to the front of the line.)

And of course another fashion offender. IS THAT YARN!?!?!

After gallivanting in Disneyland, we changed into our semi-formal wear, and headed off to the Pirates ride not knowing what to expect. After a quick ride we searched for the door to Club 33.

Smyr told me that to get in, we had to knock three times and say Donald Duck as the entry code.
My eyes lit up, "REALLY!?!?" He was joking.. I was angry.

According to the unofficial website, Club 33 is not open to the public. The approximate wait list to join the club is 14 years and the membership fees are.. yeah really high. We were lucky enough to have a dinner arranged by a member of the club. We were all nervous because it was a privilege. We had an entire dinning room set aside for our party of 17 and it was fancy Fancy FANCY!! As the host said, "this is actually Walt Disney's dining room," Janelle turned her head to me and started to cry. Wow.

Janelle's anxiety attacks and back pains seemed to vanish. It must have been Disney magic.

Our host told us story after story and everyone was being extra polite. The food was fantastic. I was really stiff, arms crossed no crumbs etc. Alysia motioned to me not to take too many pictures.

The club was also the ONLY place in Disneyland where alcohol was served. I of course, did not hold back.

After dinner we wandered the building. There was an elegant elevator and the host explained that Walt Disney wanted to buy the elevator from a hotel in France. The French said no to all his offers. So Walt sent his engineers to the hotel to study and recreate for him. Amazing.

Fireworks could be seen from the balcony and the party guests went crazy over exclusive club 33 gifts that could not be purchased anywhere else. Aaron, took the opportunity to grab some souvenir napkins.

I felt like a movie star and everyone was in a feel-good moment. We graciously thanked our host and managed to squeeze a couple of more rides after the elegant dinner. That's right SPACE MOUNTAIN in our hot attire!

Hehe. Yeah, I'm a lucky bastard.
That concludes my So Cal trip take 2! LOVE IT!


dannie said...

i would have backed you up on that racist remark guy. i wanna go to disneyland!!! lol you're so gullible so funny. gross yarn shoes its gonna grow fungus if it gets wet ewww and smells tooo omg!! TMI

the holla said...

"Janelle's anxiety attacks and back pains seemed to vanish. It must have been Disney magic."


go walt!