Sunday, April 6, 2008

March 29 (SAT)- Planetium, Planet-sized Burritos, and Planetal Charades

Alysia being the best host ever made us Dutch Babies. She managed to hit her back against something that was protruding from the wall. Oh Alysia. I ruined her dish by adding ketchup. Hehe.

Smyr and I felt like being snotty. mmm'yess.

Alysia drove us to the Griffith Planetarium! Check out the view! Alysia is pointed to where she got caught on the fence last time she went hiking here.

Inside, we got our learning on! The most interesting things was this giant Periodic Table with the elements in light-up cases. Secondly, there was this... um thing that was basically a giant camera. I don't feel like explaining it.

Tom and Jon met up with us and we took a hike to the highest point of something.
BTW, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

At the TOP! The view was gorgeous. We saw the genera LA area.. and it was miles of city. Wow.

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Coming down.

We then returned to the planetarium and sat in to see a show about the universe. It was the best nap of my entire life.

Janelle was being a debbie downer. We were driving through a tunnel and I said, "everyone hold your breath and make a wish!" To this she responded, "My wishes don't come true anyway!" WHommmP WHoommmmmmp!!! I proceeded to laugh at her ridiculous comment. Luckily we were heading to El Tepeyac because we were all getting a bit grumpy with out food in our systems. El Tepeyac is one of east LA's hidden treasures. Home of the baby sized burrito.

For 8 dollars you can get your own 10lb burrito. Alysia and I shared a enchilada style monster. Tom was challenged with finishing the whole thing in one sitting! I wrote on his box that he would be a failure if he didn't finish it! Alysia pleaded that he not get sick and throw up the thing. LOL.

Alysia's backyard where Alysia has a lot of Rosemary plants. This is what Sandy said that made me laugh for hours. "Hey Tom, do you want some rosemary? Alysia has a big bish!" HAHA! I know, I'm obnoxious.

That night we played charades. I love charades. Here are a couple of highlights.
Danny doing antlers, Alysia doing tank or dump truck? haha, and Smyr doing parasailing or soilder boi? I really didn't know what I was doing, but look at my Donald Duck hair!

YAY! The next day was Disneyland! :D

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