Friday, April 4, 2008

March 28 (Fri)- Buses, Beaches and Beer

Last weekend I took another LA trip with my high school friends. It was good fun, wholesome and very heterosexual. The amazing part of the trip is that we didn't have a car! That's right! We relied on the bus system! And managed to have smooth trip.

Let's start with Thursday and Friday.

Thursday: Megabus
I took two hours off work and Janelle's parents drove us to the station. We got there Uber early and the bus was a little late. The passengers were all hip youngsters and yes, we were a part of it! Megabus, if you plan early enough you get to LA and back for 18 bucks. Unfortunately, we were still finalizing things so it was 30 bucks there and back. Still good if you ask me.

Of course we sat near the bathrooms and of course we stopped at the stinkiest part of California. Yuck. Alysia picked us up. Her place was HUGE! But every time she drove up her drive way she would scrap the bumper of her car. Time to go on a diet!

Friday Morning: To Sandy's!
Alysia had to work, so we took another bus ride to Sandy's a 20 minute drive turned into a 1.5 hour bus ride. It was cool though, in Union Station is a designated area for filming! For MAX efficiency we paid the bus driver for four tickets at once. She was confused. I guess math isn't required for bus drivers.

We finally made it to Sandy's. We found someone's Cal. Driver's License at a Bus Stop and I mailed it back to them! Cuz I had stamps in my wallet! That's right! The return address was "God, Cloud 9" I made a note that it was his turn to pay it forward! LOL!
Sandy is cute. She has a little garden.

Chinese Food!
For lunch we headed off to this Chinese place. For five people, the total bill was $22.50 and it was a nice place too! YES!
Preparing for the Beach
By Sandy's place is a produce truck. This cute lady sold us a pineapple for 3 bucks and Sandy cut it up for the beach.
Smyr bought Sunblock spray and we had a party spraying each other.

Santa Monica Beach
Last time I went to the beach with my boiz, we were hung over. This time, with my high school friends we were thrifty! We had cheap chinese and a smooth bus ride! Also, My hair was being big!

Oo! We were all enjoying the pineapples until a bird poopped on us. There was bird poop on the towel, Diana AND the pineapples, NO! I said said we can just pick out the bad ones. But then the container tipped and all the poop got into the juice. Moldy cheese is one thing, bird poop is another. I HAVE MY LIMITS!

Later, Jon and Tom joined us for some "hole ball." Basically, you want to get the hole in the ball and prevent others from doing so. Every man for themselves! I liked tackling the boys my size. Smyr, on the other hand. All I could do was sit on him until he threw me off. Pictures and maybe videos from Janelle to come!
Third Street
Smyr and I had matching bathing suits (lifeguards for life!) And we thought it would be funny to get tandem bikes... haha. So homo! but everyone was exhausted from hole ball so we just went to the street mall. There I caught this cute boy's eye. I should have stalked him, but I think he was with his family. I think he was checking me out too. HEY! :D
Somehow, the kids got tar on their feet. So we went to Lush to wash our hands. Sandy actually used the Demo soup for her feet. LOL! My hands felt so gross, like a nasty film that wouldn't get off my hands. NEver again.

Happy Hour at Monsoon
On Third Street, we enjoyed some beer and snacks. Across the street, we noticed this couple that would NOT stop making out. So Tom and I dubbed their voices. "Oh you're kisses are so sweet... " hahah. They were there for literally 10 minutes. Geezus, don't your lips get tired? By now, my hair had deflated.
Quick Stop at the Hammer Museum
We had some time to kill so we checked out the Hammer museum of contemporary art. It was very interesting and small. Heh.. No pictures, oh well. We then met up with Alysia for her favorite gastro pub! Such a hidden Treasure.
Father's Office
Alysia told us that she waited two hours once to get in. But we managed to get in in 45 minutes? They were really strict. They wouldn't let this girl in even though her party was already inside. They just wait for people to leave and gradually let patient guests file in.
The burgers were delish and the fries were pretty good too. We had awesome Apple and Pear beer. Alysia told me that the alcohol content was the same as other beers! So while you choke on your BudLight, I'm gonna enjoy my "lady drink.' AND ENJOY IT! hehe.

They sweet potato fries were in little shopping carts and I told Diana to stuff it in her purse. She declined. Damn!

Afterward, we headed to Tom and Jon's place for a quick game of Pop5. :D And then we headed back to Alysia's for a nice good night sleep.
More images to come!

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