Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Look

I've been accused of staring.

Well, if there's something to look at I won't hesitate to fix my focus and enjoy the view. I should take a picture, it will last longer. Hah, I do. If it's something strange like ugly shoes or something nice like cute boys, I will look.

Is it rude? I don't think so, is it creepy? I don't think so. After all, using your eyes is a form of communication. But what are your eyes saying?

"How YOU doin?"
"You're a Cutie, what's your name?"
"Let's go to the bathroom for a quicky"

Looking is innocent and making eye contact is exciting. (And awkward). But following it with a smile is possibly the best move you can make. And from there you can see if you get a smile back.

I dream of meeting a guy on the street, asking him out on a date and then persue something romanic. But for many, the first boyfriend is met through the web... and from the getgo, the "relationship" is rocky. But where else are you supposed to meet a boy? Especially when our lives are so "downe" low. Friends of friends are a safe bet, but that's not as exciting as a casual encounter.

That's why the look is so important. It's how you meet real people who so happen to be interested in you, right? Ha, but this is much more difficult than browsing by Zip Code and clicking "more pics."

Walking in the street you see a cute boy, you make eye contact, you look away. That's normal, but was he checking you out too? There's only one way to find out: look again. The double take is a clear indicator that they are interested too. And since you're doing the double take, it signifies that you are interested in him! It also works in reverse.

Oh goodness, that boy is nasty. You inadvertanly stare because you couldn't figure out if why he's wearing CROCs. You catch his look.. Shit! LOOK AWAY! And don't you dare look back because that would be the double take and he may chase you.


I've been working on actually using my mouth to communicate. In church and in SoCal, I've fixed my stare until I get attention then confirm with the double take. I'm now trying to muster the courage to mouth the word "hi" and follow it with a smile. Or even a "wasup" head nod would suffice. But that's easier said than done right?

I've developed a plan or rather a resolution. Next time... I'm in the situation, I'll try with all my might to keep confident and greet them. After all, they're interested too... right? And being shy will get you no where.


sandy said...


you need an agent. if someone can get a staggering work of stupidness published, then i have high hopes the same can happen with your blog. reading your blog is so much more entertaining...you dont just rant and beat a horse to death.

<3s sandy

dannie said...

staring is fine as long as you dont got that mean mugging face stuck on you like i do *sigh no wonder no one comes up to me. not your fault they're so damn cuute

Viet said...

haha. i only had the courage to extend the look ONCE. i was driving home and was stopped at a traffic light in front of moes when i noticed a girl looking at some books outside. we eventually locked eyes, and out of nowhere i smiled! (normally i would look away really fast) Surprisingly, she smiled back. But as fate would have it, the light turned green too quickly and cupid was a tease once again.