Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Should Pray When I Drive

Last night I went to Berkeley to see a movie screening.

And I think it's the last time I drive far on a weekday. I headed home around 11:30pm after some Sangria and youtube and almost killed myself because I kept falling asleep on the road (not drunk, but rather tired.) Not even Britney could save me. I was screaming "GIMME MORE!" the acoustic version, and slapping my leg. The road was wet and my windshield wiper was failing on me. But even when I entered the South Bay and the weather had cleared, I still managed to swerve back and forth as if I was challenging death.

God. I suck. I need to be thankful that I didn't get into an accident or kill others.

I have a crush

But it's no place for me to corrupt him. Cuz, well I've corrupted enough people in my life time. HAHA.

And I couldn't really say or do what I wanted to because I'm an awkward person. And damn it, that girl kept emphasizing my GAYNESS, great, scare him away....gah. So I just left.

I wish I could be where he was: innocent and unblemished...

I bet you he sees 9 dolphins in that image to the right.

If you're gay, you won't get why this is dirty. I had to look at the comments to get it! AND even after it was explained, I had to stare and squint for 5 minutes to see it! LOL! Disaster.

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J. said...

dropped as in "released" ahahah
no, not dropped like one missed call...