Sunday, April 6, 2008

Initiate Conversation

April Dragon came early... and it was... just Dragon. Szeto opted to have a restful weekend and save his energy for Badlands later this month. So it was just MoAny and me and my rusty truck... and NO bad suggestions for prepartying!

As we started the night with some AMFs, I made an observation: I was a townie. You know, those people who go to the same bars week after week. Get the usual drinks and have the usual conversations. Except, I have to drive 55minutes to get to my "local bar."

But... this is REALLY the only chance I get to see these people-
"Hey, the last time I saw you was... at Dragon a couple of months"

John was the designated mess of the night.

And Earl :D.

I never get hit on and I really don't hit on my people so I garnered some tips:

Tip #1
MoAny has game and once again he got TWO drinks purchased for him that night. He made small chit chat and walked away with out having to exchange names. Oh.. the tip is ... be MoAny and drinks will be purchased for you. And don't forget to use your fuck-me face.

Tip #2
Ernesto told me that he compliments people's shirts. Apparently gay people like that... and bam! It's like saying, you are hot in your clothes and hotte with OUT! RaWR! But for some reason, I just spent the night unbuttoning my friend's shirts and teaching Jimmi how to do it with lightning speed.

Tip #3
Earl's friend made convo. Talked about where the guy worked and got his phone number for "job opportunities." The tip: pretend you're interested in work, but really you're interesting in WORRRKING IT IN BED!! I mean working through a meaningful relationship, yes.

How was MY game?
Haha, I didn't have any. Though I was trying really hard to find that cute boy to strike up another random conversation and use those tips I had under my belt! But really, I was more concentrated on dancing with old friends and getting my jam on (like usual). MoAny proclaimed that the way I danced, people think I'm taken... or a slut. PuH Lease! We're at a gay club, am I supposed to have a 2 feet middle school boundary? In the words of Nick, "I JUST WANT TO DANCE!" and flirt with a cute boy (while soberish for once).

Am I picky?
I think I am. I couldn't find anyone attractive that night and I reasoned because the faces had all blurred together and personality was not a factor to assist in someone's appeal.

Tofu's theory held true again. Last night, at a party I noticed a boy... and yeah, he looked like a cat. MoAny of course, made conversation found out he had a girlfriend and he runs marathons. I was jealous that he can carry a conversation with strangers so naturally in a complete sober state. It's true, we ALL just want someone to talk to, but we NEVER want to initiate it. MoAny overcame the hurtle; MOANY doesn't have to be drunk to have game.

At Dragon, I took a real good look at MoAny; examining his features and concluded that my boy, my right hand man... was pretty handsome... but more importantly he can initiate a conversation... Who WOULDN'T want to buy him a drink? And after all, thats what those three tips are all about: verbal interaction.... not just looking, which apparently is what I'm good at.

I hate how I depend on social lubricant to be as confident, but ironically the same lubricant also causes me to slur my words... not cute.

Here's a video about hot Korean boys:

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